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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Awesome quotes from online personals

So I haven't written a new post for this blog for a while, and I actually wonder if anyone is still reading - although interestingly the analytics data suggests that there are in fact some of you who still follow this - and to those readers, old and new, I thank you.

I'd like to to start a series of blog posts today of what I am calling "Awesome quotes from Manhunt," which are lines that I thought are either interesting, witty and anything that got me re-reading again lifted up directly from Manhunt, the very popular gay cruising site. I plan to add CL and SD selections in the future should this becomes fun.

To protect the identity of the users (this is a closed-gate community afterall), their username will not be quoted here - although if you spotted your witty phrase here and you would like to be credited (or additionally linked back), I'd be happy to do that. I just won't want to offend anyone :)

Also, if you have spotted any phrase that you are fond of, feel free to send them my way... alternatively, feel free to submit your own :) so here we go:

+ I am not a size queen, but I really like to be challenged...
+ bottom, top, vers, alive -- just DO SOMETHING

... started reading some more but got sidetracked... so... (to be continued)


karion said...

what sidetracked you? =)

Unknown said...

@karlon I don't remember anymore!!!